3.19.16-Student Consultant

Yesterday,  I learned a little about batteries. I was a little overwhelmed with not having any prior knowledge, but I persevered and was able to make an indicator with more than one output.

First, there was a short demo presented. Everyone seemed to understand everything what was being presented; I only caught on to some of it.



Afterwards, we were split into groups of two, students and teachers. We were assigned to make an indicator. While doing so, we had to make a flowchart documenting our every step. It was pretty open ended. I had fun trying to figure out where certain wires needed to go in such a way that my indicator did exactly what I wanted it to do. Towards the end of our team building activity we had to present what kind of indicator we made, how it works using physics concepts, and how well the students understood what they just created. Overall, I felt that this meeting was a success.




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