4.2.16-Teacher Consultant

Looking back to other sessions attended, I am beginning to recognized the uniqueness of diversity and cooperative interaction in education. I joined the session around 1p.m. when the whole group was discussing the concept of solenoids. The part of this activity involved showing understanding of solenoids with body movement, hand signs, and other ways to show the right-hand rule and charges inside a solenoid.

The discussion continued with the application of solenoids in real-life, using prior reading, videos, and experiences. The student consultants admitted that they didn’t have any prior knowledge of solenoids. Furthermore, we discussed the prompts and activities for the summer program. During the interaction, both the teacher and student consultants agreed that students should be introduced with a pre-test or assessment and at the end with a post-test/assessment. Hence, after the collaboration we all agreed that we can start with a prompt daily and align activities to enhance these with embedded physics concepts and skills with fun for the students–remember, this is summer and students don’t want to be sitting a classroom that is school-like .

Finally, everyone agreed that we have to work on the activities and align the scheme of things with reasonable practices and theme so that we can introduce the project to physics teachers–standards aligned and learning goals oriented.


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