4.30.16-Assessment Consultant

By: Kate Thomas

There are many ways to read our pedagogical experiences within our learning community at ACTMA. I am often surprised by how the events we plan unfold or don’t unfold according to plan. We have reached a point as a learning community where we trust in each other and rely on each other to fill in the gaps when our knowledge is incomplete. Because we come from many different fields, the richness of our gathering provides more than anticipated every week.

As a result of this process of coming together regularly, to share various approaches to physics and computational thinking, I think we have entered into a process of “sym-poiesis,” or a “we together” or a “making-together-with.” This concept has some resonance with me. The feminist scientist, Donna Haraway (2015) uses this term to describe the process of coming together, of “making-together-with” . . . “performing storying, looping back and interrupting” (Haraway, 2015, p. 256). We work off of each other’s expertise. One person steps in where the others leaves off.  It is not always easy to get to this place in a learning community. I acknowledge that this a subjective view point, but I think the other members of our group would agree, we are in a different place then when we started out. We have entered into a complex conversation that acknowledges our differences but brings us into a process of “sym-poiesis” where computational thinking meets physics, meets allegory, meets art, meets cultural contexts, meets possibility . . .

The victim of our projectile
The victim of our projectile


Iterate, iterate, iterate!
Iterate, iterate, iterate!




Carlos and Ali working on "Kitty Hunter" (Real name TBD)
Carlos and Ali working on “Kitty Hunter” (Real name TBD)

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