4.30.16-Teacher Consultant

The session started promptly around 12:35pm with an open question posted by Roxana- She asked what was the greatest take away from the last session that anyone could remember. Roxana talked about the session discussion from April 9th 0n e-textiles and how it can be used for the summer sessions. Some of the student consultants present also talked about different sessions and their take away included the following-solenoid, prompt development, and electrical conduction.

Roxana then presented some of the discussion from the last session about the TWO options that are available for the summer sessions. We discussed about these two options, and how we can could possibly use one of the options or integrate both. The general concession was that Arduino should be considered instead of the Makey Makey. l did mentioned that each day of the session should have a great PROMPT in order for the participant to have fun as well as an educational day. The overall idea could also include:

  • Making something
  • Modify this product (something)
  • Create a final product (something)

We agreed that all these products should have a set objective and benchmark in order for the sessions to be educational and fun.


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