We’re back!

After a short hiatus, and well deserved break, our teams are back at it! We have been observing educators, diligently working on our lesson plans, and developing culturally responsive resources. While we still have a lot of work to do, but we have come a very long way! To date we have completed the following:

  • Lesson plans with embedded CT for:
    • Arduinos
    • Body Motors
    • Circuit Abstraction
    • Electromagnets
    • Factory Blueprints
    • Makey Makeys
    • Breadboards
    • Simple Circuits
    • Simple Motors
    • Solenoid Puppets
  • Pre- and posttests for both students and project staff
  • Cultural responsiveness checklist
  • Logic model
  • Professional development for informal and formal educators
  • And much more!

As we move forward, we will be working in more focused teams: Curriculum and Research. While our work tends to have overlapping elements, we believe this delegation of tasks will make us a more efficient team. In the next few months, we will be refining lesson plans, working with our teacher consultants in their own classrooms, and preparing for a second summer academy! Stay tuned every Tuesday (#CTtuesday) for a new blog post from the ACTMA Project!


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