Slow Thinking

By: Kate Thomas

Much of our work involves collaboration and group thinking. This task requires patience and a deep commitment to communication. We represent very diverse backgrounds and expertise, so when we sift through data, we are essentially sifting through the complexity of the literature in the fields of computational thinking, cultural responsiveness and physics and we are also sifting through the complexity in our own world views.

As one of the educators in our group commented as we were reviewing a lesson plan, “I am a slow thinker.” She has a PhD in physics. Her slow thinking is a valuable asset to our post-modern conundrum of bringing forward knowledge and making it visible within accelerated timeframes of research. Externalizing knowledge makes many demands on the slow thinker. I am one too. But the process of making knowledge together relieves the individual of the burden of making insights on her own. Thus, the diversity of our project and team ensures that we see far and wide and also we dive deeply into the unknown to make sense of this thing called computational thinking.


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