Role of Physics and CT in Everyday Life

By: Steve Bonomo

What role do physics and computational thinking (CT) play in our everyday lives? In working on the ACTMA project, this is a question that has repeatedly come to the forefront of our team’s planning and activity creation process. But the answer can be very different depending on who you ask.


Our goal (along with many other teams working to make STEM learning more interactive and meaningful) is to help students to be able to answer this question for themselves in a way that is actually relevant to their interests and day-to-day experiences. Whether this means using circuits to create a personalized musical presentation, making an interactive piece of artwork, or just seeing a physical result of their hard work, we’ve seen students come to a totally new perspective on physics and STEM in general and begin to see themselves as being capable of doing this kind of work in the future.
All learning needs to be engaging and relevant, whether it’s in a formal or informal setting. As we continue to develop new activities and implement them in different settings, we have to always remember that the true value of what we develop lies in the limitless creativity of the students that we work with, because they are the ones who will take it further than we expect and give it meaning in the real world.

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