Schematic Diagrams

By Kara Weisenburger

To introduce schematic diagrams each group was tasked with creating a simple circuit that was both challenging and creative.  They drew their circuits on large Post-It paper using their own symbols.  They were only given a few minutes to draw which forced them to only include the necessary components of the circuit.  When the timer went off, the papers were traded and the groups had to construct the circuit from the drawing in front of them.

This is when the interesting conversations began!

“What is this supposed to be, a mushroom?”

“I can’t tell how these wires are connected, they are all criss-crossed!”

Again, they only had a few minutes to build the circuit, and once the timer went off, we had each group check the accuracy of the diagram.

At this point in the lesson, an organic conversation about the need for common symbols began and schematic diagrams were introduced.

We had so much fun building the need for a common language for circuits they didn’t realize they were learning new content!




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