Summer Academy is Coming!

It’s about that time when we get to implement all of our hard work and planning! The project is gearing up for a 2 1/2 week (11 days in all) summer academy that will be run by formal teachers this go around. Our team is strong and full of researchers, teachers, and STEM professionals; we look forward to some great outcomes!

Before our summer academy can happen though, we first need some PD! We will be holding two, 5-hour PD sessions with our team immediately before the academy starts up. Computational thinking (CT) and cultural responsiveness (CR) will be at the core of our learning as we dive into technologies such as Makey Makeys and Arduinos. Our aim is to embed CT and CR into the PD so it can be seamlessly interwoven with the materials  and content rather than the icing on top.

Overall, the purpose of this project is to create embedded, adaptive, and culturally responsive formative assessments so we are going to do just that (fingers crossed)! By implementing these formative assessments throughout the summer academy, which is run by formal educators, we can get a better idea of what works and what does not.

Following our summer academy, data collection and analysis will begin, with a whole lot of conferences after that! Stay tuned for our conference schedule along with any publications. They will be posted on here once they are published formally.


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