Schematic Diagrams

By Kara Weisenburger To introduce schematic diagrams each group was tasked with creating a simple circuit that was both challenging and creative.  They drew their circuits on large Post-It paper using their own symbols.  They were only given a few minutes to draw which forced them to only include the necessary components of the circuit. … More Schematic Diagrams

Defining CT is Hard.

By: Germania Solorzano At this point in our process, I’m struck by the importance of definitions, which is ironic since Computational Thinking doesn’t have one universally agreed upon definition.  But in coding observations from last year’s summer program, a small team of us discussed the sometimes minute sometimes large differences in how we defined certain … More Defining CT is Hard.

Where have we been and where are we going?

By: Yue Yin, Ph.D., Co-PI Our Goal and Plan: Our project aims to improve computational thinking skills as well as physics and engineering learning through maker activities and formative assessments in both informal and formal educational settings. As shown in the diagram, we take three major steps to achieve our project goals: Develop and refine activities … More Where have we been and where are we going?

Slow Thinking

By: Kate Thomas Much of our work involves collaboration and group thinking. This task requires patience and a deep commitment to communication. We represent very diverse backgrounds and expertise, so when we sift through data, we are essentially sifting through the complexity of the literature in the fields of computational thinking, cultural responsiveness and physics … More Slow Thinking

The Same On The Inside, Different On The Outside

Evaluator: Mila Kachovska, PhD, MBA Do differences make you tremble in anticipation of excitement? How likely is an individual to accept the challenges of the constantly changing environments and increasingly diverse world that erases differences between people and cultures? How does cultural intelligence affect our acceptance or non-acceptance of differences around us? How does our … More The Same On The Inside, Different On The Outside