CT Readings and Courses

Here are some readings and courses we have found helpful in defining what Computational Thinking (CT) is and how we might begin creating assessments and activities for integration into the classroom:



Thinking About Computational Thinking–James J. Lu and George H. L. Fletcher

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Computational Thinking in Board Games: Understanding Strategic Boardgames as Computational Thinking Training Machines–Matthew Berland

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Computational Thinking for Youth in Practice – Irene Lee ■ Fred Martin ■ Jill Denner ■ Bob Coulter ■ Walter Allan Jeri Erickson ■ Joyce Malyn-Smith ■ Linda Werner


Defining Computational Thinking for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – David Weintrop, Elham Beheshti, Michael Horn, Kai Orton, Kemi Jona, Laura Trouille, Uri Wilensky

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Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom By Sylvia Libow Martinez & Gary Stager

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Google’s online CT course for educators

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Problem Solving through Computational Thinking for Educators

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What does it mean to assess Computational Thinking?

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Jeanette Wing on CT

CT ppt from Wing

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Andrea DiSessa’s thoughts on Computational Literacy

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Stop Teaching Programming, Start Teaching Computational Thinking

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Training K-12 Teachers to Integrate CT into STEM Subjects